Gregory D. Fombelle: Decatur's Longtime DUI Attorney

Greg Fombelle is a dedicated DUI lawyer.  He is currently accepting ONLY DUI cases.  His fees (starting at $2500) are based on the complexity of the case as well as the needs of his client.  His unique trial tactics and his reputation have culminated in hundreds of successful DUI's including in a ten-year winning streak in DUI jury trials.  His extensive knowledge of scientific and technical issues in DUI is the hallmark of his success.  In addition, his aggressive style of cross examination has resulted in hundreds of courtroom victories in contested DUI and criminal cases.  His creative approach to cross examining a "professional witness" (the arresting officer) is the key to exposing the truth in otherwise difficult cases.  In addition to DUI cases, he also handles DUI based homicide cases in numerous central Illinois counties.  He is frequently referred cases by his fellow DUI lawyers in complex and challenging situations.


Mr. Fombelle has won contested cases at or during jury trial in the following 12 counties:  Macon, Dewitt, McLean, Piatt, Cumberland*, Coles, Moultrie, Effingham, Shelby, Montgomery & Christian & Sangamon* (*amended to non-DUI after Jury selection).  He has won far more DUI's without the necessity of jury trial by litigating pre-trial motion hearings and Petitions to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspensions.  This ability to win a DUI case without the expense of time and money involved in a jury trial is dramatically beneficial to his clients.  In a single year Mr. Fombelle achieved 61 DUI DISMISSALS and 18 amendments to NON-DUI offenses.  In the same year he rescinded 49 DUI suspensions ("Statutory Summary Suspension"), thereby removing the DUI suspensions and eliminating the necessity of a driving permit.  After 28 years of practice Mr Fombelle has lost only 5 DUI jury trials.  When seeking a winning DUI lawyer, ask them "how many DUI jury trials have you tried and of those how many have you lost?"  At Fombelle & Fombelle, we suggest that you investigate carefully the services you seek when making the decision to hiring the best DUI lawyer for your case.  We are proud of our record and our current and former clients are the best source of information to confirm the quality of services you deserve.  


Mr. Fombelle has achieved recognition amongst his peers as a leading lawyer in the areas of criminal defense and DUI defense.  He is sought after as a lecturer at continuing legal education ("CLE") conferences and seminars for the Illinois State Bar Association and other CLE organizations  where he teaches other lawyers to improve their DUI trial skills.  He speaks throughout Illinois and enjoys sharing ideas with other DUI professionals.


member of the national college for DUI defense

He is a member of the prestigious National College for DUI Defense.  NCDD only invites membership from those truly devoted to DUI defense as the core of their practice.  This elite membership is a substantial source of developing and trending ideas in DUI defense.  In addition to NCDD, Mr. Fombelle has been a long-time member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Illinois State Bar Association, and his hometown Decatur Bar Association.