Maya Fombelle, Attorney at Law, Mediator

Maya Fombelle, Prosecutor in Macon CountyMaya Fombelle began her career as a Prosecutor in Macon County, Illinois in 1991. During her first year of practice, she was asked to join the Public Defender's Office in Macon County in the Juvenile Division, During those years, Mrs. Fombelle was appointed Guardian ad litem in hundreds of juvenile abuse/neglect cases. Additionally, she defended all the Macon County Involuntary Commitment and Medication hearings in Decatur Memorial Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital and at the Adolph Meyer Mental Health Hospital. In that era, all Macon County Public Defender's also handled private cases and she represented clients in a variety of matters, including; criminal defense, juvenile delinquency, adoption, bankruptcy and divorce. It was during this time period that Mrs. Fombelle successfully handled one of the largest cannabis possession and delivery cases in Macon County history.


In 2000, Mrs. Fombelle returned to the Macon County State's Attorney's Office working in the Child Support Enforcement Unit, establishing parentage and creating support orders for hundreds of Macon County families. Soon afterward, she worked in the State's Attorneys Office Domestic Violence Unit. She was responsible for reviewing and charging all incoming cases and became well acquainted with the evaluation and analysis of Domestic Violence cases. 


In 2005, Mrs. Fombelle joined forces with her husband, Gregory Fombelle and became a partner in Fombelle & Fombelle, LLP, devoting her practice to criminal defense, which includes defending those accused in juvenile delinquency, traffic, misdemeanor, and felony cases. Mrs. Fombelle is an aggressive litigator, and also has excellent negotiating skills in difficult cases. In January of 2014, Mrs. Fombelle received training in Chicago and is now a certified court Mediator.  In addition to aggressively defending criminal cases, she has assisted families as a neutral mediator to reach out of court settlements in contested divorce cases.


Mrs. Fombelle accepts cases involving traffic, misdemeanor and felony cases in both adult and juvenile court. She accepts Mediation appointments from the court in all types of cases.