Response Time

A DUI arrest creates immediate, time-sensitive effects on driving privileges, employment and other freedoms. It is vital that the arrest documents are reviewed by one of the most successful, experienced DUI attorneys in Illinois. Because of this urgency, our approach is to proactively accelerate the legal process, which often results in maintaining driving privileges and avoiding a DUI conviction. Our goal is to meet with clients as soon as possible after their arrest; often on the same day. This aggressive response time has proven to be a successful strategy resulting in ~30 years of extraordinary outcomes for our clients. These unparalleled results require constant innovation. At Fombelle and Fombelle, our client communication approach is the catalyst for our success. We are proficient at utilizing remote options for client meetings. Initial consultations may be conducted via Zoom or telephone conference.  This avoids the necessity of driving to our office yet allows us the same ability to thoroughly analyze the case and evaluate the possible advantages we routinely provide to our clients.


Call (217) 877-9977 or email [email protected] to speak to us today!  Even if you call on Saturday or Sunday, it is not unusual to conduct a remote, free consultation.