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If you have just been charged with a DUI in the Decatur, IL area, you have the right to legal representation. This is a scary time and the team at Fombelle & Fombelle can come alongside you and fairly represent you in court.


A good DUI defense attorney in Decatur, IL not only challenges the charges against his client but also advocates for the correct enforcement of the law. We know how to look into the details of each unique situation so proper action can be taken to fight for fair representation. 


Should You Fight Your DUI?


Fombelle & Fombelle has DUI defense lawyers who may be able to help you after being arrested for DUI. Your odds may be better by fighting your case in trial than by pleading guilty. For over two decades, our lawyers have fought against the unfair reliance of contested evidentiary hearings on unreliable tests. Our firm has devoted its practice to the research on the current practice of DUI testing to debunk the myths so that injustice may be prevented. 


Analytical DUI Defense


The DUI defense lawyers at Fombelle & Fombelle considers each case and client individually. This means that the approaches used in each case are different. Certain details of a case may provide useful evidence showing that a client may have been wrongfully accused. We analyze the possible strategies that can be adopted for a case, and we use the tested ones that are applicable to a case by using scientific evidence. We want to expose the unreliability of the current tests so that our clients can be spared the shame of being accused wrongfully.


We believe that current field sobriety tests are inappropriate and do not determine sobriety or lack thereof. In practice, these tests are shamefully imprecise at detecting the inability of a person to operate a vehicle. In tests where occupants of a vehicle are requested to exit, flashed with lights, or asked to perform some very strange requests, rights may have been violated, and this is what we want to prevent and correct. With our team, you may be able to fight your DUI case with dignity and pride. 


Experienced Representation


The lawyers at Fombelle & Fombelle would like to help your situation by drawing from our years of experience.

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Established in Decatur, IL

Both Greg & Maya Fombelle have been rooted in the Decatur community for years. Our extensive knowledge of scientific and technical issues in DUI is one of the cornerstones to our process. We want to help fairly represent you!


Greg Fombelle is a member of the prestigious National College for DUI Defense (NCDD). The NCDD only invites membership from those truly devoted to DUI defense as the core of their practice. This elite membership is a substantial source of developing and trending ideas in DUI Defense.


In addition to the NCDD, Mr. Fombelle has been a long-time member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Illinois State Bar Association, and his hometown Decatur Bar Association


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