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Don't let others treat your case like an alcohol case! We use strategies based on pharmacology, physiology and other scientific principles. Learn the weaknesses of the police tactics of drug recognition.


Drug Recognition Evaluators ("DRE's") use general, non-specific observations to claim an ability to classify if a person might be using a particular class of drugs.  The 12 steps of this evaluation are almost comical in their design.  Ultimately the "evaluation" relies on the admissions of the person and the results of a final toxicology screen.  In reality, the only step of the 12 that correlates to drug detection is the blood test.  Ironically, if they have a positive blood test, the other 11 steps are nearly worthless.  Therefore without a positive Tox screen, the 12 step evaluation is mere surplusage.

driving while under the influence of drugs


DRE's use muscle rigidity, eye movements, pupil constriction/dilation, blood pressure, pulse and body temperature among the vague physiological steps that are used to attempt to classify symptoms of drug use.  These same observations can be caused by benign conditions, and/or circumstances wholly unrelated to drug use.  Many in the population have various blood pressures, temperature, muscle rigidity, etc...  In the hands of the evaluator these very normal symptoms can be used against an accused individual.  It is crucial that you hire the best dui lawyer that understands Drug Recognition and it's inherent flaws.  Greg Fombelle has been chosen by his fellow attorneys and the Illinois State Bar Association to lecture at continuing legal education seminars about the frailty of "drug recognition experts" and drug recognition evaluators.

A DUI defendant would benefit from hiring an attorney who is well versed in the D.R.E. manual.  The Manual consists of 432 pages packed with helpful information that can be used to enlighten a jury or judge as to the weaknesses of drug recognition evaluations.  Mr. Fombelle uses nationally recognized expert witnesses to debunk the junk science of drug recognition and related DUI field sobriety tests.  Along with his own extensive knowledge of DRE training Greg Fombelle knows how to beat a DUI drug case at trial.