DUI Testing Types

DUI Testing

The government trains police to use tests that are admittedly "unacceptable". We can help use the flaws of the tests and the mistakes of the police to defend you against mistaken assumptions.  The most common "field sobriety tests" are a clear misnomer.  They were not created to determine sobriety or lack thereof, and in practice are hideously imprecise at detecting …

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Blood Test

Blood test results are only as good as the processes of collection, storage, transportation and testing.  In Illinois, it was discovered that government blood test kits were unfairly tainted with alcohol-based swabs to cleans the collection site.  These kits were being used to test accused DUI defendants, despite the requirement of a NON-ALCOHOL swab.  This is just one of the reasons …

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Breath Test

The results of a breath machine are not dispositive of the ultimate outcome of a case.  Breath machines like any other computer based device are subject to malfunctions, manufacturing errors, and other external influences that widely skew the results.   On a foundational level, the basic assumptions upon which all breath testing is based is fundamentally flawed. Even if a …

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