Blood Test

Blood Test

Blood test results are only as good as the processes of collection, storage, transportation and testing.  In Illinois, it was discovered that government blood test kits were unfairly tainted with alcohol-based swabs to cleans the collection site.  These kits were being used to test accused DUI defendants, despite the requirement of a NON-ALCOHOL swab.  This is just one of the reasons you must have someone who understands the entire process of blood testing represents you in a DUI case based on blood alcohol testing.

The possibilities of mishandling, contamination, or other sources of human error must be evaluated to ensure that a mistaken analysis does not yield a conviction of an otherwise innocent person.  Unfortunately many in the DUI arena tend to wholeheartedly accept a simple readout of a machine as an arbiter of guilt or innocence.  Your attorney should not blindly rely on a single page printout of an alleged result.  A successful DUI attorney must be able to evaluate, investigate and expose false results, where the evidence warrants such a finding.

DUI blood tests are complicated and based on various types of testing methodologies.  Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry is often used at government labs, while Immuno-Assay tests are used in hospitals.  You must be able to expose the potential problems in either testing scenario.  Both styles of testing are dependant on proper storage, handling and collection.  Even the best machines cannot overcome errors made before the blood ever reaches the laboratory.  Moreover, the lab techs of even the most accurate labs can mislabel, contaminate or otherwise skew the accuracy of any given test.  Finally the interpretation of the results of GC/MS is not always as clear cut as the "lab report" claims.  The testing devices leave a graphical paper trail that can be used to uncover contamination or other mistaken interpretations of the lab tech.

If you have a blood-test based DUI, call today to schedule a free initial consultation.  Don't let a mere printout dictate your outcome! 

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