DUI Testing

DUI Testing

The government trains police to use tests that are admittedly "unacceptable". We can help use the flaws of the tests and the mistakes of the police to defend you against mistaken assumptions.  The most common "field sobriety tests" are a clear misnomer.  They were not created to determine sobriety or lack thereof, and in practice are hideously imprecise at detecting anything other than the fact that some of us have better balance than others.  Especially when requested to exit one's car and under the take-down lights and flashers, perform some very strange requests.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests are widely relied on despite the fact that they do not accurately determine sobriety.  Even in the government-funded research that created the "field sobriety tests", the author of the study deemed the 46.5% false positive rate to be "UNACCEPTABLE".  despite this characterization, police, judges, and prosecutors still rely on these balance challenges in determining the outcome of a DUI case.  In order to overcome the reliance on such tests, your attorney must be able to effectively educate the government, the judge and jurors of the weaknesses of these roadside challenges.

Greg Fombelle has for over 2 decades, attacked the unfair reliance of these tests in contested evidentiary hearings throughout central Illinois.  He uses the research studies and government publications as well as his incisive cross-examination skills to debunk the myth that field sobriety tests are helpful or valuable to the judge or jury.  When exposed to the truth about these tests, the trier of fact can make a decision based on the objective truth instead of trusting "unacceptable" false positive tests.

You would never let your doctor rely on a test that was false positive almost half the time to determine your physical well-being, so don't let the government gamble with your freedom and your future based on low levels of acceptability.

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