Should You Fight Your DUI?

~100% of those who plead guilty are found guilty.  Your odds may be better at trial.  Because each case is as unique as each client, it is crucial to analyze the options for our clients at the earliest opportunity.  At our initial free consultation, not only will we evaluate your case, we will listen to your concerns and answer your questions.  You cannot select the best DUI lawyer for your case without knowing how your case will be handled.  We strive to accomplish results that exceed the expectations of our clients.  When selecting the most successful DUI lawyer for your needs, ask about their actual Jury trial record.  At Fombelle & Fombelle, we will openly and proudly share our winning trial record.  Often, when we commence our attack on a DUI case, we are offered extremely favorable plea agreements.  In a single year Greg Fombelle successfully beat 78 DUI's without the necessity and risk of a jury trial.  However, if a plea offer is not acceptable we have the extensive trial experience and an unparalleled winning record of NOT GUILTY verdicts to seek justice in your DUI.


We look for issues that others may likely overlook or misperceive. If an initial analysis of a DUI case is too brief and cursory, it will likely result in deficient legal advice.  We provide each prospective client with a strategy that best fits their needs and that prospective strategy is offered free of charge during our initial consultation.  That effort takes time and attention to subtle details.  After your free consultation you will have a clear idea of the approach we will use to contest your DUI and what legal strategies will give you the most successful outcome in your DUI.  If a lawyer claims to be dedicated to DUI, we suggest that you investigate their actual jury trial experience.  At Fombelle and Fombelle, we will share not only our strategies, but we back it up with actual courtroom successes so that you can make the most informed decision when selecting the most successful DUI lawyer available to guide you through this often challenging process.

Many attorneys who claim to handle DUI, may not have the scientific and technical skills to achieve the best DUI results.  If someone tells you that your DUI cannot be beat, you should seek the opinion of a dedicated DUI lawyer.  At Fombelle & Fombelle, we pride ourselves by continually updating our scientific and technical knowledge regarding DUI.  Medical, physiological, pharmacological issues and the admitted inaccuracy of the government's DUI field sobriety tests each could be used to mistakenly convict a person accused of DUI.  This is particularly true of DUI drug cases.  Clinical pharmacology yields a wealth of information of how various drugs manifest themselves.  Many of these do not support a DUI charge.  Let us share with you our thoughtful DUI evaluation of your case.


Before you appear in court, let us evaluate your case to see if a challenge is in your best interest.  We currently accept DUI cases in the following courthouses:  Decatur, Clinton, Monticello, Shelbyville, Sullivan, Taylorville and Lincoln.  However, over the last 28 years, Maya and Greg Fombelle have represented clients in 30 Illinois counties including:  Macon, McLean, Dewitt, Piatt, Moultrie, Douglas, Champaign, Vermillion, Edgar, Sangamon, Logan, Mason, Pike, LaSalle, Effingham, Shelby, Christian, Montgomery, Bond, Fayette, LaSalle, Peoria, Menard, Cumberland, Coles, Jackson, Tazewell, Woodford, Saline,  & DeKalb.  Even if we are not able to accept your case, we can still meet with you and guide you to find the most successful DUI attorney in the area.  That service is free of charge unless you wish for us to consult on the case.  We can even help find the best attorney in other states.  Mr Fombelle has been a long-time member of the prestigious NATIONAL COLLEGE FOR DUI DEFENSE and from those nationwide contacts he can assist you in selecting a great DUI lawyer in the other state.